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Your Life — an Introductory Guide to Writing Life Stories

Your quick and easy-to-read guide to life-story writing, by Anna Foster

Hi and welcome to my online guide to life-story writing and publishing.

Are you about to start writing your book?

Have you finished your manuscript and want to get it printed?

Are you planning a book to raise funds for charity?

I hope my guide will help answer your questions.

Just click on section headings on the Contents page below. Please print out any that you find useful. Itís easy to dip in and out of sections by clicking on the links.

This online guide is an expanded version of Your Life, An Introductory Guide to Writing Life Stories (YouByYou Books, 2005).

Included are case histories of life stories and collective memoirs produced by YouByYou and others.

You can find out about ebooks for the Kindle and other ereaders.

I hope you enjoy reading the guide and good luck with your project. Please email me if you would like to discuss your ideas.

Anna Foster
Founder, YouByYou Books


Note: all the headings below are clickable. Use them to go directly to the chapter you are interested in.

  1. Why Write Your Life Story?
  2. Who Are You Writing For?
  3. Getting Started
  4. Structure
  5. Starting to Write
  6. Writing Techniques
  7. Writing as a Routine
  8. Final Writing Jobs
  9. Collective Memoirs, Corporate Histories and Fund-Raising Books
  10. Editing Your Life Story
  11. Pictures
  12. Book Finishes, Formats and Style
  13. Ebook Formats
  14. Publishing and Printing Options
  15. Should I Sell My Book?
  16. Conclusion