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Local Histories

A collective memoir with YouByYou Books: the history of a girls' school

Would you like to write the history of your organisation?
Would a picture book raise funds for your charity?
Are you planning to publish a local history book?

YouByYou Books offers all these options.

We have produced books for businesses, charities, schools and villages, either for internal circulation or for general sale.

We offer large or small-format paperbacks, dust-jacketed hardbacks or leather-bound volumes.

Include as many photographs as you like, in both colour and black and white.

How To Get Started

Read the section on Collective Memoirs in our FREE Online Guide.


The printing costs are the same as for an individual life story. We use the same printing technology and usually the same printers.

Remember, the longer the print run, the lower the unit cost per copy.

We always try to keep our charges as low as possible and make sure you are informed at every stage. Please contact us for a quote.


Charity picture book produced as a fundraiser

1,000 copies of 100-page full colour, A5 paperback
Printing cost: 2.20 per copy
Editorial cost: 2 per copy
Total cost: 4.20 per copy
Cover price: 8 a copy, giving a profit of 3.80 on each copy sold

School history

250 copies of 300-page full-colour hardback with dustjacket
Printing cost: 8 per copy
Editorial cost: 10 per copy
Total Cost: 18 per copy
Cover price: 25 per copy, giving a profit of 7 on each copy sold

These are typical examples of costs. Please contact us for a quotation for your publication.

Oral history of Rolvenden collected by Jackie King

Jackie King has been recording the older residents of Rolvenden for several years. They are now brought to life in this collective memoir of stories from the 1920s-50s.

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